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ICANN Update: July 2014

This month, we look at the latest issues in the Internet governance world, including fake certificates, confusion among new gTLD registrants and the success of two of the new geographical TLDs - .berlin and .london.Fake Certificates: Domain Suspensions and Confusion Reigns

July TLD Round-up

Here is our latest overview of news from the domain name universe. Australians Prefer .AU New research has revealed that Australian internet users and domain name registrants prefer .au domain names, with users expressing more than double the level of trust of .au over any other namespace. .CYMRU and .WALES Releases Rules and Processes Nominet has now published the rules and processes under which both gTLDs will operate when launched. More information is available from

Ecommerce On Twitter - A New Avenue For Counterfeiters

It’s exciting to see that brands are developing new ways for consumers to buy their products using Twitter. However, if counterfeiters begin to add ecommerce functionality to their tweets, this could quickly become a serious headache for brand owners.

The Web Goes Worldwide

The Internet was designed to be global, but it was not designed to be multilingual. This is now changing with the rise of non-Latin characters in domain names -  Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) – which are set to become the natural home for domains that serve large populations whose first language does not use Latin script.

June TLD Round-up

Here is our latest overview of news from the domain name universe.CO.COM Releases Tens-of-Thousands Premium Domain Names Tens of thousands of premium domains were released in early June. The registry believes that the domain names released are far more valuable than the standard registration fee, but they want to get domains registered and into the hands of those who would develop them, helping to raise visibility and awareness.Half Of 3.5 Million Domains Registered In Spain Are .ES


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