• The internet economy of the G20 will be worth approximately £2.7 trillion by 2016

  • The cost of digital piracy is $80 billion annually to the global economy

  • Sales of counterfeit goods accounts for up to 7 per cent of total world trade - $600 billion annually

  • One in six products sold online is identified as counterfeit

  • 96% of companies admit that guarding their online assets is now essential for the success of their brand, but only 40 per cent have a strategy in place

Online channels today offer businesses an unprecedented opportunity to grow revenues and optimize business models. However, they also present a range of serious and continuously evolving threats that cost companies worldwide billions of dollars in revenue every year. Protecting a brand's hard-earned reputation, revenue and intellectual property online is now an essential part of company strategy.

Threats to your online brand

The sheer size, diversity and unregulated nature of the internet and its online channels open up brands to a number of threats:

Cybersquatting: registration by third parties of web domains related to a brand’s trademarks as a form of investment, with the aim of selling it at an inflated price.
Typosquatting: misspelled versions of brands’ internet domains, used to divert traffic for fraudulent sites or smear-campaign sites.
Phishing: use of brands in email and social media to obtain personal information, such as credit card numbers.
Copycat and rogue sites: used for phishing and redirect traffic to sell of counterfeit goods.
Counterfeit goods: online marketplaces, rogue websites, mobile apps and social media sites provide the ideal shop window for global counterfeit sales - affecting revenues, customer loyalty and brand reputation.
False claims of affiliation: damage your brand's online credibility and put customers at risk by substituting trusted, high quality products with inferior and potentially dangerous copies.
SEO manipulation and Pay-Per-Click fraud: malicious violation of search engine rankings, and paid search adverts using names similar or identical a brand to divert traffic, both negatively impact marketing investments and profits.
Illegal digital content: sale or sharing of pirated digital content —movies, music, software, games and e-books – and unauthorized distribution of companies' protected intellectual property.
Reputation attacks: malicious attempts to discredit or lower consumer confidence in brands on web, blogs and social networking sites.

Benefits of NetNames Brand Protection

NetNames offers fully bespoke end-to-end solutions designed around the specific needs of a brand. Our holistic approach and market leading proprietary technology enable us to continuously monitor the entire internet, identify threats in real-time and rapidly remove them. Our proven and tested 'DARE' methodology finds and stops harmful online activity and delivers clear ROI:


Monitoring of the entire internet and rapid detection of possible threats across all channels – web, online marketplaces, social media, mobile apps and file sharing / peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.
ASSESS Analysis and prioritization of detected threats based on criteria tailored to client needs and specific goals.
REPORT Bespoke analytics and reporting, designed and delivered to maximize ROI transparency and knowledge sharing.
ENFORCE Rapid take down of online threats, detailed bespoke investigations and legal support for court actions.


  • Protects your brand equity: safeguards your brand’s reputation online by monitoring and removing any infringing content and unauthorized affiliations
  • Promotes customer loyalty: ensures that your customers have a consistently positive and safe experience of your brand online
  • Safeguards revenues: protects the bottom line by stopping unscrupulous third-parties from stealing your business through counterfeit goods and digital piracy
  • Defends web traffic: ensures that customers are not being diverted by fraudulent sites and mobile apps by creating a clear path to your authorized site
  • Keeps your IP safe: protects and maintains the value of your online intellectual property and brand assets

Why NetNames?

  1. We are the pioneers of Online Brand Protection – leading this specialist field since 1999
  2. Our industry experts sit on councils and governing bodies such as ICANN, INTA and ITMA – global online legislators with unrivalled knowledge on the threats businesses face
  3. A 99 % client retention rate – unmatched technology, expertise and total customer focus
  4. The most comprehensive online monitoring capability via our market leading proprietary technology – in depth real-time monitoring of the whole internet, across all online channels
  5. A fully bespoke, flexible and responsive service – we proactively adapt to meet client needs, and evolve to stay One Step Ahead of changing online threats
  6. A secure client portal to track and monitor detected threats and status on enforcement activities
  7. A multi-lingual in-house enforcement team, and strong relationships with all marketplace sites, app stores, registrars and ISPs – ensuring the highest record in compliance, enforcement and delisting; globally and across all online channels
  8. A specialized Chinese language enforcement unit to tackle Chinese markets

Regardless of the threat, NetNames has a comprehensive and effective solution