• In 2012 online sales were over 10% of the global retail sales, $225bn in US alone, growing at an annual rate of 25%

  • One in six products sold online is identified as counterfeit

  • 30% of all counterfeit seizures in the EU are linked to internet distribution channels

  • Dealing with malware in counterfeit software will cost global enterprises an estimated $114bn in 2013, according to research organization IDC

Low operating costs, uninhibited access to a global customer base and high levels of anonymity make online channels the perfect ‘shop window’ for the sale of counterfeit goods – not just knockoff luxury items, but also fashionable accessories, toys, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and even car parts. Proactive and effective online anti-counterfeiting strategies must therefore be put in place to preserve customer confidence, brand equity and to safeguard sales and revenues.

Threats to your brand:

Given the boundless scope of the Internet, brand owners confront anonymous online counterfeit and grey market sellers more and more every day:

  • Rogue e-commerce websites – often IP & trademark infringing websites with the same look and feel as the brand owner’s site. In addition to affecting genuine sales and brand reputation, these sites also put end customers at risk of phishing for bank details and personal information. 
  • Online marketplaces – B2B marketplaces are now a primary medium for fraudsters to sell and ship counterfeit and grey market products directly to customers in large volumes.
  • Auction sites – an individual internet auction may seem trivial to the owner of a global brand, but these auctions rapidly escalate into a big problem as they are typically replicated hundreds of times and run under different pseudonyms to avoid detection.
  • Mobile Apps – the latest and fastest growing channel for online counterfeit. Copycat e-commerce apps, apps linking to counterfeit items & pirated content and/or attempting phishing attacks or distributing malware.
  • Traffic diversion – in addition to cybersquotting, typosquotting and SEO manipulation, fraudsters are also using social networking sites, blog entries and review sites to divert consumers to their rogue e-commerce websites. Often creating pseudo product reviews to bolster the legitimacy of their products.

NetNames Anti-Counterfeiting Service

Market leading monitoring technology and specialized anti-counterfeit analysis and enforcement teams enable NetNames to rapidly detect and enforce against infringements across all online channels. Our anti-counterfeit enforcement services go further than just online channels; they are simply the most specific and comprehensive in the market. 

Defends trademarks: detection of brand imagery, logos, rogue domain names and duplicated text using proprietary software to protect IP. 
Protects web traffic: prevents traffic diversions to counterfeit sites through PPC and SEO fraud, detection of rogue domain names using brand keywords.
Keeps customers safe: ongoing monitoring, identification and takedown of counterfeit products being distributed online to maintain quality of your products and offer a secure brand environment and customer experience.
Protect and grow revenues: NetNames expert analysis and enforcement of key infringements prevents revenues being diverted to third parties and counterfeit sites.
Strategic enforcement: in-depth analyst services to find, profile and enforce action against key infringers.
Proactive monitoring: protects your online intellectual property, to reduce instances of brand abuse and defend the value of digital assets.

Why NetNames?

We are the market leaders in providing ongoing detection and enforcement against counterfeit products being distributed on marketplace sites and illegitimate websites.  NetNames has unrivalled anti-counterfeiting capabilities:

  1. The most comprehensive online monitoring capability via our market leading proprietary technology – in depth real-time monitoring of the whole internet, across all online channels
  2. The most advanced image and logo recognition software – NetNames ImageFlare™.
  3. A fully bespoke, flexible and responsive end to end anti-counterfeiting eservice – we proactively adapt to meet client needs, and evolve to stay One Step Ahead of changing online threats.
  4. Strong relationships with marketplace sites, app stores, registrars and ISPs enabling us to quickly remove infringing content - our expert team of analysts can issue take-down notices in more than 25 languages to safeguard our clients on a worldwide basis.
  5. Proven track record in enforcement and delisting on counterfeit sites to deliver a return on investment - the highest levels of compliance in the industry.
  6. Our dedicated in-house Chinese analyst team provide us with a global reach, especially in the highly infringed Chinese and Asia market place sites.
  7. We are the pioneers of Online Brand Protection – leading this specialist field since 1999
  8. Our industry experts sit on councils and governing bodies such as ICANN, INTA and ITMA – global online legislators with unrivalled knowledge on the threats businesses face.
  9. A 99 % client retention rate – unmatched technology, expertise and total customer focus.