• The cost of digitally pirated music, films and software is $75 billion per year

  • 432 million internet users regularly pirate content (NetNames research)

  • 24% of all internet bandwidth across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific is consumed by infringing digital content (NetNames research)

  • 98% of data transferred using Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks is copyrighted

  • 42% of software running worldwide has been illegally downloaded

Internet usage continues to grow at a rapid pace, and with it so does the persistent and tenacious practise of digital piracy. Easy access to free downloads on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, usenet services and online file hosting services (cyberlockers), and widely available live and video streaming services mean that digital piracy is a constant and global threat for organizations – in particular those in the software and creative industries.

Threats to your brand:

Online digital piracy directly affects the software, gaming, film, TV, music, e-books industries and other types of online media services which rely on paid subscriptions or download fees – for these industries, piracy can amount to significant loss of revenues and online ROI. Digital piracy takes many different forms:

  • End user piracy – reproducing copies of media or software for distribution without prior authorization.
  • Internet piracy – selling (or making available) licensed media or software on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, Internet auctions or pirate websites.
  • Illegal streaming – unauthorized streaming of live and video content from rogue website, streaming services (e.g. You Tube) or links provided on blogs / social media networks .   
  • Counterfeit software – duplicating software, packaging the items as legitimate brands and selling the products.
  • Client server overload – purchasing a single user license for a piece of software (or licensed content), and then allowing several people to access the content or program.
  • Hard disk loading – selling computers with software that has been illegally pre-loaded.

What does NetNames Anti-Piracy offer?

NetNames Anti-piracy is a comprehensive personalised service designed to safeguard the online revenue and the brand assets of organizations. NetNames have a proven track record in identifying and removing pirated content across the internet and delivering clear ROI - over a twelve month period, our take-downs led to a 91 % drop in infringements for a major film studio. 

NetNames anti-piracy services include the following:

World-class piracy intelligence:

fully tailored research and analysis covering areas of concern for your company, as well as relevant industry trends.
Bespoke consultancy: aimed at understanding, uncovering and providing strategic advice on online piracy issues affecting your company.
Automated monitoring: of titles and content across websites, online marketplaces, social media, mobile apps and peer-to-peer (P2P) networks worldwide.
Take-down services and enforcement: action against pirate content across all online channels.
Detailed investigations: of websites, individuals and organizations – and the digital piracy revenues they generate.
Piracy litigation: support - our world recognized digital piracy experts can stand as expert witnesses in civil or criminal legal action.

Why NetNames?

  1. Digital Piracy protection expertise – our research and analysis team are recognized as the leading exerts in this specific sector, worldwide.
  2. The most comprehensive online monitoring capability via our market leading proprietary technology – in depth real-time monitoring of the whole internet to detect online digital piracy.
  3. A fully bespoke, flexible and responsive end to end service – we proactively adapt to meet client needs, and evolve to stay One Step Ahead of the changing piracy landscape.
  4. Strong relationships with marketplace sites, app stores, registrars and ISPs enabling us to quickly remove infringing content - our expert team of analysts can issue take-down notices in more than 25 languages to safeguard our clients on a worldwide basis. Over a twelve month period, take downs by NetNames led to a 91% drop in infringements for a major film studio.
  5. Our dedicated in-house Chinese analyst team provide us with a global reach, especially in the highly infringed Chinese and Asia market place sites.
  6. We are the pioneers of Online Brand Protection – leading this specialist field since 1999.
  7. Our industry experts sit on councils and governing bodies such as ICANN, INTA and ITMA – global online legislators with unrivalled knowledge on the threats businesses face.
  8. A 99% client retention rate – unmatched technology, expertise and total customer focus.