• 86% of IT executives see the biggest growth opportunity in the online channels, and 97%  think that protecting brands online assets is going to become more important over the next year

  • As many as 40,000 websites are compromized by cybercriminals every week

  • 80% of online shoppers want more assurance that their information is secure

In many organizations, domain names and online security are the responsibility of the IT team, typically involving the management and renewal of hundreds or thousands of domain names, SSL Certificates and Trust Seals. This alone can be a huge task, but the rapidly evolving online landscape - the introduction of the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), the growth of mobile internet, and the explosion of mobile apps, streaming and social networking platforms - are expanding the traditional remit of IT even further.

The challenges:

IT teams are more and more often expected to take an active role in supporting more holistic online brand protection strategies:

  • Management of domain name portfolio: maintaining an active domain portfolio and the corresponding technical and security requirements is complex and time-consuming. Handling the various registration requirements of country top level domains (ccTLDs) is an administrative burden and can easily lead to errors. Updating systems and operations for the launch of new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) adds additional scale and complexity.
  • Keep infrastructure secure: hackers, disgruntled ex-employees and even members of your own organization will reveal gaps in your defences to the internet community.
  • Brand infringements: finding and taking action against online threats to your brand is challenging and time consuming. Domain name abuse such as cybersquatting and typosquatting can severely affect your company’s reputation. If undetected, infringements such as phishing and malware can rapidly escalate and compromize your infrastructure, put your customers at risk and lead to loss of revenue.
  • Customer confidence online: SSL security certificates are essential to protect customers from phishing and create trust in your brand online, but updating and maintaining these for websites across the entire organization is often a complex task.

How NetNames helps IT teams

NetNames has extensive experience in supporting IT teams with the management of domain names and digital certificates portfolios – significantly reducing costs and administrative burden through either fully outsourced services or tailored solutions that integrate with in-house processes – and by protecting brands from any type of online infringements. By partnering with Netnames, IT teams can: 

Protect  your brand and your customers:

by proactively registering domain names to provide the most cost-effective portfolio and by actively monitoring activity to ensure that your digital assets are not being abused online.

Provide peace of mind:

by taking the problematic domain name administration function out of your hands.

Provide insight into potential attacks:

by monitoring the internet for early warnings of potential third party attacks.

Maintain web security:

by providing an end-to-end solution for the lifecycle management of your SSL certificates, helping you secure your website in a simple and effective manner.

Reduce costs:

by managing your entire domain names and SSL certificates portfolios through one partner, one point contact for support and one 24/7 secure online portal.


Why NetNames?

  1. The global market leader in corporate domain name management - over 2 million domain names under management.
  2. The pioneers of Online Brand Protection – leading this specialist field since 1999.
  3. A fully bespoke, flexible and responsive service – we proactively adapt to meet client needs.
  4. A secure online portal to manage all your domains and SSL certificates.
  5. The most resilient and secure DNS infrastructure in world today at no additional cost.
  6. The most comprehensive online monitoring capability via our market leading proprietary technology – in depth real-time monitoring of the whole internet.
  7. A multi-lingual in-house enforcement team, and strong relationships with all marketplace sites, app stores, registrars and ISPs – ensuring the highest record in compliance, enforcement and delisting;  globally and across all online channels.