Legal teams are responsible for protecting the brand, its assets and its rights in the most effective and efficient manner. Successfully executing this online is becoming an increasingly complex task due to the sheer size and scale of the internet and the rapidly evolving nature of the threats within it - counterfeiting, cybersquatting and brand hijacking are just a few of the threats that global businesses are subject to on a daily basis. This results in poor customer feedback, damage to brand reputations and ultimately revenue loss.

The expansion of online channels (such as  mobile app marketplaces), the introduction of the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) and the rapid growth of internet economies in emerging markets are all creating further complexity and challenges through increased global fragmentation and less familiar jurisdictional environments.

Threats to your brand

Online threats to brands are now abundant and highly distributed – they include:

  • Trade mark and intellectual property abuse: exploitation of registered trade marks and IP, globally and across multiple online channels .
  • Reset of the domain name system: rapid growth of instances of cybersquatting and  typosquatting through the introduction of the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs)
  • Illegal products: counterfeit or unauthorized distribution of products across online marketplaces, rogue websites and mobile apps .
  • Digital Piracy:  sale or sharing of pirated digital content  and unauthorized distribution of companies’ protected intellectual property.
  • Fraud risk: phishing attacks using your brand within rogue websites and emails to steal personal information from customers and prospects.
  • Information leaks: commercially sensitive information leaked on websites, online forums or social networking sites.

Within many global organizations, legal teams are taking more responsibility for developing global online monitoring capabilities and procedures to proactively protect digital assets, and working with all the affected business units to lead the implementation of a holistic online brand protection strategy.

For legal teams this is about delivering clear ROI through efficient processes - partnering with online global brand protection experts such as NetNames for the ability to leverage proven strategies, best practices and leading internet monitoring tools.  

How NetNames helps legal teams

Leading global organizations and legal teams rely on NetNames to keep their brands safe online. We combine market leading internet monitoring technology and enforcement capabilities into fully tailored end-to-end solutions which:

Protect corporate assets:

issue effective takedowns on market place sites with specialist in-house analyst teams that help protect your online web presence.

Reduce your administrative burden:

act as an extension of  your legal team to help detect and enforce against online infringements, globally and across all online channels.

Defend your domains:

by consulting, acquiring and managing your desired domain names to protect and manage your digital footprint. Including advising on the most effective strategy for the new gTLDs , and registering trade marks for gTLDs in the Trademark ClearingHouse (TMCH).

Deliver clear ROI:

by providing clear insight and reporting into actions taken, allowing you to share with your business teams the impact of an effective brand protection policy.


We work with the biggest organizations in the world to help companies to be present, protected and prosperous on the internet.  This means proactively protecting their brands and intellectual property. With a proven track record in reducing infringing content online, including accurate and cost-effective enforcement actions, NetNames provides end-to-end online brand protection capability which delivers immediate ROI.

Why NetNames?

  1. World leaders in Trademark Clearinghouse new gTLD services .
  2. Experience working with both in-house and external counsel across the globe to protect intellectual property.
  3. Our industry experts sit on councils and governing bodies such as ICANN, INTA, IACC and ITMA – global governing bodies and trade associations with unrivalled knowledge on the threats businesses face.
  4. We are the pioneers of Online Brand Protection – leading this specialist field since 1999.
  5. The most comprehensive online monitoring capability via our market leading proprietary technology – in depth real-time monitoring of the internet, across all online channels.
  6. A fully bespoke, flexible and responsive service – we proactively adapt to meet client needs, and evolve to stay One Step Ahead of changing online threats.
  7. A secure client portal to track and monitor detected threats and status on enforcement activities.
  8. A multi-lingual in-house enforcement team, and strong relationships with all marketplace sites, app stores, registrars and ISPs – ensuring the highest record in compliance, enforcement and delisting;  globally and across all online channels.
  9. A specialized Chinese language enforcement unit to tackle the highly infringed Chinese markets.