• As many as 40,000 websites are compromized by cybercriminals every week

  • On average, at least 20% of a brand’s online traffic is diverted away from its websites.

  • Sales of counterfeit goods accounts for up to 7 % of total world trade - $600 billion annually. One in six products sold online is identified as counterfeit.

  • Marketing departments are generally responsible for digital reputation protection, but only 50% have a formal strategy in place.

As the custodians of the brand, marketing teams are acutely aware of the importance of protecting brand reputation online – the main concern typically being brand abuse on social media, as this is highly visible. Consequently, most marketers only see the tip of the iceberg and not the full spectrum of threats facing their brand's digital reputation. Counterfeiters, fraudsters and brand hijackers lurking in the darkest recesses of the web very much affect brand reputation; they do it in a less visible but more profound way. These threats directly translate into customer complaints and loss of revenue, online marketing ROI and customer loyalty – the establishment of effective and focused digital brand protection should therefore be an integral part of marketing strategy.

Threats to your brand

In the new digital age, protecting a brand’s hard earned reputation and credibility online is critical to the success of organizations. Marketing and brand teams need to contend with heavily distributed online threats such as:

  • False affiliation: maverick online marketing by affiliates, resellers and distributors takes away your online traffic and detracts from your market share.
  • Social media abuse: copycat and look-a-like social media pages use your trademarks to trick consumers and distribute unauthorized content creating a negative perception of your brand.
  • Revenue diversion: through fake websites selling counterfeit goods and products.
  • Domain abuse: unaffiliated domains use your trademarks to capture consumers and divert genuine sales. The scale and complexity of this threat will increase exponentially with the potential domain extensions available to register.

How NetNames helps marketing and brand teams

As the global market leader in online brand protection, Netnames is uniquely placed to help marketing and brand teams:

Optimize marketing investments:

by creating domain strategies that add value to effective online campaigns and assist in maximizing web traffic, including picking the best new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) to get a head-start in search engine marketing strategy and support campaign launches.

Protects web traffic:

from fake websites or competitors that are diverting your traffic to illegitimate pages.

Defend your reputation:

by monitoring blogs, forums and social media for mentions that abuse trademarks or damage the brands.

Safeguard revenue:

by removing counterfeit items sold online which directly affect both bottom line and customer trust in the brand. 


Netnames works with the marketing and brand teams of some of the biggest brands in the world, to help them protect their brand’s reputation, online revenues and marketing investments.  With a proven track record in detecting and removing infringing content online, including accurate and cost-effective enforcement actions, NetNames provides end-to-end online brand protection capability which delivers immediate marketing ROI.

Why NetNames?

  1. The pioneers of Online Brand Protection – leading this specialist field since 1999.
  2. The most comprehensive online monitoring capability via our market leading proprietary technology – in depth real-time monitoring of the whole internet.
  3. A fully bespoke, flexible and responsive service – we proactively adapt to meet client needs, and evolve to keep them One Step Ahead of changing online threats.
  4. A multi-lingual in-house enforcement team, and strong relationships with all marketplace sites, app stores, registrars and ISPs – ensuring the highest record in compliance, enforcement and delisting;  globally and across all online channels.
  5. A specialized Chinese language enforcement unit to tackle the highly infringed Chinese markets.