Clustering networks of criminals’ websites together for fast, effective bulk take-down

Have you considered complementing your enforcement program with clustering networks of infringing websites together so that you can efficiently remove them with bulk take-down actions?

NetNames’ clients have found this approach to be highly beneficial, as it has the double benefit of making enforcement actions more cost effective and efficient, whilst at the same more having more impact: large networks of infringing websites are typically linked to the biggest criminals and counterfeiters.

This 30 minute webinar will help you understand:

  • Hunting down the key infringers - where to look, and how to find and use key information to dig deeper on the Internet
  • WhoIS and website analysis and linking associated websites together using different tools and approaches
  • Bulk take-down strategies 
  • Typical results and efficiencies that can be achieved

 We are running this webinar at three times, so please choose the time most suitable for you when you register.

  • Wednesday 5th October: 15:00hrs (BST), 16:00hrs (CET), 07:00hrs (PST), 10:00hrs (EST)
  • Wednesday 5th October: 18:00hrs (BST), 19:00hrs (CET), 10:00hrs (PST), 13:00hrs (EST)
  • Thursday 6th September: 07:00hrs (BST), 08:00hrs (CET), 15:30hrs (ACDT), 16:00hrs (AEDT), 14:00hrs (SGT) 

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