Confronting social media – breaking the bond as the criminal’s best friend

The dominance and reach of social media is undeniable and is growing every day, but with this growth comes additional threats to brands and businesses.
Across social media platforms, promises of followers and rewards pour in from accounts masquerading as well-known brands in order to harvest personal details or sell counterfeit goods.
Join this webinar to understand what you need to know about this dirty practice, and what you can do to stop the fraudsters and infringers in their tracks – preventing customers getting confused between legitimate and bogus social media sites.
This 30 minute webinar will help you understand how different types of crime are committed through social media sites and how you can monitor, identify and take down these fakes.
We’ll covers:

  • How social media sites have become established channels for fraud, trademark infringements and counterfeiting
  • Recent trends and case studies
  • Tips on which sites to monitor and the enforcement process: what you can do to stop the criminals in their tracks
  • How you can also use social media as a rich source of information when doing an online investigation, providing a potential ‘litigation pack’ of information for further legal action.

We will run this webinar at three different times, so please pick the time most suitable for you when you register:

Date: Wednesday 7th December 2016
Time: 15:00hrs (GMT), 16:00hrs (CET), 07:00hrs (PST), 10:00hrs (EST)
Duration: 30 min plus Q&A

Date: Wednesday 7th October 2016
Time: 18:00hrs (GMT), 19:00hrs (CET), 10:00hrs (PST), 13:00hrs (EST)
Duration: 30 min plus Q&A

Date: Thursday 8th October  2016
Time: 07:00hrs (GMT), 08:00hrs (CET), 15:30hrs (ACDT), 16:00hrs (AEDT), 14:00hrs (SGT) 
Duration: 30 min plus Q&A