UK business seminar: Pinpointing the criminals with online investigations

Have you considered complementing your enforcement program with investigations into the key players and criminals that are targeting your brand? 

NetNames clients have found this approach to be beneficial, as it can provide useful background information that can sometimes lead to uncovering physical locations – for example manufacturing or warehousing locations. At the very least, an online investigation can help provide additional evidence of bad faith to reinforce your enforcement actions or help your external counsel be much more efficient when taking further legal action. 

Often, the digital evidence left behind by a counterfeiter or fraudster does not easily lead to any simple ways to unveil the suspect unless you know where to look, and how to find and use key information to dig deeper on the Internet. 

This 30 minute breakfast briefing will help you understand: 

• Website analysis and linking associated websites, blogs and forums together using different tools 
• Hunting down the bad actors and legal ways to find out personal information 
• Social networking tactics 
• Search engine strategies 
• Marketplace seller histories 
• How to ‘build a case' against a particular individual – providing a ‘litigation pack’, pinpointing potential factory/warehousing addresses.

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