Nominet cracks down on counterfeiters

On Monday 4 April 2011 the Registry for the .uk domain name, Nominet, announced that it has shut down more than 3,000 websites accused of selling counterfeit goods.

This was announced at a meeting held in London which included the Metropolitan Police and the Serious and Organised Crime Agency.
Nominet is clearly making an effort to stand up to online crime, and there are future plans to introduce a more permanent system to assist the process.

When and if this system is implemented, it will allow the content of targeted websites to still host content, but any links from those websites linking to external websites would be broken.

According to the, “Authorities are lobbying against limits on the types of allegations they could make to trigger a domain name suspension.”
Separately, the UK government is encouraging discussions between broadband providers and the music and film industries with a view to creating a system that would block access to websites involved in piracy.

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