Dr. David Price to speak at upcoming piracy seminar in New York

Dr. David Price, Head of Piracy Intelligence at Envisional, will be hosting a seminar on piracy at the upcoming IQPC Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit in New York from Monday 14 November - Wednesday 16 November 2011. David's seminar will be titled 'Understanding the Piracy Universe'.

David will cover the following topics:
Accurate knowledge about the piracy world is vital to every concerned content owner. Yet reliable measurements of user engagement with piracy are difficult to obtain. This seminar will explore ways of sizing the piracy universe and offer new figures showing the popularity of bittorrent, direct downloads, and video streaming.

  • How many people actively download on a frequent basis?

  • What piracy arenas are most popular in different countries?

  • What can content owners learn from the popularity of different piracy distribution methods?


If you are unable to attend David's seminar at the IQPC conference, please contact us. We may be able to run the same seminar for a number of interested parties at your place of work.