Outsmarting Googlewhacks - Google is officially the biggest brain in the world

Reducing Googlewhacks should be easy for Google but that doesn’t mean companies should ignore their domain strategy to support your business objectives online…s


Back in 2003, a British comedian wrote a book called Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure. It’s a story of his search to  find queries with  two words together, that returns exactly one hit on Google’s search results.  An interesting discovery on how, with time, the odds on finding a ‘Googlewhack’ reduces as Google’s search index grows.

Google have recently revealed that 15% of its daily search results (a mind-blowing 500 million queries) do not match any results in their huge index of results.  For the search giant this is a dilemma -  on one hand, these queries help them build their search index results, meaning that other similar searches will produce faster, more accurate results and thus resulting in the reduced likelihood of finding a Googlewhack.  But these large volume searches increase Google’s processing power required to trawl through billions of indexed pages, and in turn increases costs.

But today’s internet users are used to their search engines giving them the right answers, when and where they want it and Google’s algorithms will ensure that is exactly what consumers get.

The battle between search and smart phone apps is however the latest technology conflict. Consumers have proved time and time again, that they set the rules when it comes to tomorrow’s online trends.  The daily growth of smart phone users, who want to access the internet from the palms of their hands means consumers have changed their searching habits.  Apps give us direct access to many of our favorite and most well-used websites, and thus, by-passing the need to use a search engine completely.

This of course means that the days of having an expensive keyword-rich domain name will be brought under question, as we have always been told by the search giant that relevant content, rather than the domain name is now the key.

I doubt we will ever see a day when Google will not be able to find a result to any search query, whether it comes from a savvy smart phone user or from someone in an internet cafe on a dial up connection in the most remote and hostile environment.  But this should not stop companies ensuring that their domain name portfolio is relevant, up to date and reflects their business objectives.  A small investment now, in the most relevant domain names will mean that Googlewhacking will become a thing of the past.

Written by Stuart Fuller, Director of Commercial Operations and Communications, NetNames
17 May 2013