Will Apple bring in a new iPhone mini?

According to reports in some of the technology press in the last 48 hours, Apple could be about to crank up production on a new product in its factories based in China.  Whilst we have seen regular updates to the iPhone, iPod and iPad in the past twelve months, there still seems to be room on the shelf for a new variety of must have product.

The massive increase in production capabilities in Apple’s supply chain manufacturers in the Far East could point towards a new entry level iPhone if the rumours are true.

One Taiwan-based manufacturer, Pegatron, have predicted a surge in revenues for the final part of the year, although the increase wouldn't be drawn on whether that was due to Apple’s forthcoming requirements or not.  Pegatron are one of Apple’s suppliers for the iPad Mini, fueling speculation that the new product could be an iPhone Mini.

A normal indicator of a new product line would see  the registration of new domain names, but Apple are a savvy organization, locking down their IP far in advance of any products reaching the market.  So anyone looking to make a fast buck out of registering domain names such as iphonemini.com which could affect Apple’s brand reputations will be disappointed to learn that these were registered initially back in 2005! Not bad for one of world’s best brands staying one step ahead with an effective corporate domain strategy.

For now, we will just have to listen to the rumors, but soon enough photos both counterfeit and legitimate will leak into the internet, and all we can do is  coo and purr at another must-have Apple product.

Written by Stuart Fuller, Director of Communications and Commercial Operations, NetNames
15 May 2013