Buy George! Who were the winners in the royal baby domain name stakes?

This will have been a very long week for domain name speculators who have been burning the midnight oil waiting for an announcement of the new royal baby’s name.  Go Daddy, a domain name registrar, saw a five-fold increase in registrations featuring the word “prince” this week with the smart money going on towards more traditional names such as James, Louis, Alexander and George.  At 9 am in the morning on 24 July 2013, the domain names and were both available to register.  Three hours later, with internet chatter suggesting that George and James were front runners for the most famous baby in the world, those domain names were snapped up.

The domain “investors” hedge their bets on making a quick profit on the right domain names.  The winners will potentially be the ones who have the Prince George names, the losers holding everything else will write off their £5 investment and the domain names will be allowed to lapse at the end of their registration period.

Possibly the most valuable name is which has actually been owned by ABC Communications for over 15 years and is used to provide email services to their clients in British Columbia.  They have already put a short message on their website about the Prince’s birth, and a link to the relevant Wikipedia page.  But suffice to say the value of their domain, thanks to the type in traffic will have gone through the roof in the past 48 hours.  Some gambles have paid off for the domainers. was registered over a month ago by a US organization, although it simply redirects to a holding page.

Of course there isn’t an official website yet, nor any domain name that could be classed as “official”.  The royal family have the right to use a highly restrictive domain name (such as, and in the fullness of time I would imagine they will register the official domain name under that suffix.  Unless, of course they fancy holding on for a .ninja new gTLD domain for the young prince?


Written by Stuart Fuller, Communications and Commercial Director, NetNames

26 July 2013