Happy birthday Apple


Happy birthday Apple


Last week Apple celebrated the fifth birthday of the App Store. The company is globally known for its innovation and cutting edge products, but it is without a doubt that it is the mobile app marketplace that has fuelled the fire of the smartphone’s success across the globe. In fact, you could argue that if it wasn’t for Steve Jobs’s press conference back in March 2008 where he talked about his vision where the App Store would run right off your iPhone or iPod touch, and let you choose your apps and download them straight to the device, Nokia would today, still be the biggest handset brand in the world; and the likes of Samsung would still be making televisions.

On 10 July 2008, a year after the launch of the first ever iPhone, the App store launched with around 500 downloads available. Early adopters of the vision included Facebook and eBay who were the big winners in that opening weekend, when over 10 million downloads took the internet by storm.

Today, there are around 900,000 iPhone apps available on the App Store and the number of downloads has now reached a staggering 50 billion. The first billionth download was reached in April 2009 when 13 year old Connor Mulchey from Connecticut won a $10k App Store voucher by downloading Bump.

The average iPhone user today has 48 downloaded apps on their gadgets. Everyone has their favourite apps.  For me, it is a fantastic phone app called Snapseed, but I could not do without apps to tell me the weather wherever I am, the train times, my Twitter-fix and of course football scores from around the world.  Whilst I am travelling, Facetime keeps me in touch with my family, and Findmyphone has saved my bacon not once, but many time recently.

International Business Times recently went as far to say that the App Store is the biggest security innovation of the last ten years.  Mikko Hypponen, Chief Security Researcher at F-Secure recently claimed that the platform had not found a single case of an app being available to download infected with malware.

Apple estimates that nearly 300,000 jobs in the software industry have been created since the App Store launched, and with no sign in the demand for smartphones abating this figure, demand for aps will continue to growSo raise a glass to those geniuses in California for making our lives easier, happier and more secure or you could just download another app like I have.


Written by Stuart Fuller, Director of Commercial Operations and Communications, NetNames

19 July 2013

Video: Watch the Steve Jobs video iPhone launch at Macworld in 2007 here.