NetNames will be presenting at the 2013 Copyright & Technology Conference in London

NetNames will be presenting at the Copyright & Technology conference in London on Thursday 17 October 2013.

David Price, Head of NetNames Analysis will be speaking on the issue of Cyberlockers and Large Scale Piracy at 16:45 pm – Technology track.

The discussion will focus on:

    • the methods that can be taken to limit infringement via cyberlockers,


    • the liability of site owners, and


    • the tendency of some cyberlockers to rebrand themselves as ‘cloud storage’ providers in an attempt to avoid unwanted attention.

NetNames also recently issued a major report named Sizing the Piracy Universe which demonstrated that direct download cyberlockers remain a major area of concern for content owners despite the impact on the ecosystem of the law enforcement operation against MegaUpload in January 2012.

NetNames provides a range of brand protection services to rights holders and content owners concerned about digital piracy and counterfeit goods, from infringement notification and takedown to large-scale landscape reports to monitoring of infringingmobile apps across the major app stores.

    • More about the Copyright & Technology Conference event here.