TLD Times – gTLD of the week: .careers

.careers has been one of the most popular Top Level Domains in our pre-registration requests and will be launched on the 24th December by Donuts. With most companies having a specific careers or jobs section on their websites, we see this as an excellent domain to use to direct website visitors to the relevant content. It also has a protective element too, with employment scams becoming all too often.

The use of a .careers domain name will give any legitimate job seeker the confidence they are dealing with the right people. The domain is being launched by Donuts on the 24th December 2013, and will automatically be part of their Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) programme for Trademark Clearinghouse object holders.

TLDs launching in the next two weeks

Trademark Sunrise period to open on 24th December 2013

In addition to .careers, Donuts will also be launching .photos, .recipes and .shoes on Christmas Eve to trademark holders who have a valid object in the Trademark Clearinghouse.

Trademark Sunrise period to open on 31st December 2013

On New Year’s Eve a couple of very interesting domain names will be launched by Donuts. We anticipate demand to be strong for .company which will be relevant for most businesses, and will be a great opportunity to secure a prime TLD for those who have not had the opportunity to acquire a .com or even a .co in the past. Donuts will also be launching .domains, .limo and .cab on the same day.

Other gTLDs to watch


What is .uno?.uno has universal recognition for being number one, first, unique and the best. It will globally connect over 490 million Spanish speaking businesses, consumers and individuals and in some cases will replace, .com as the preferred domain of choice with the Hispanic, Latino, Spanish and Italian markets.

Choosing a .uno domain name will help you or your businesses instantly connect to these fast growing markets. Whether you or your customers speak English, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian, .uno is the #1 choice and where you need to be.

With major online Registrar GoDaddy heavily promoting .uno NetNames anticipates that .uno will become one of fastest growing new gTLDs. Ensure you secure your rights in one of the most heavily promoted and marketed new gTLDs.

View the Registry info here.