TLD Times - gTLD of the week: .technology

Week 6 of the new gTLD program has seen nine more Trademark Sunrise phases open. Donuts have once again launched seven new gTLDs whilst Uniregistry opened their new gTLD book for the first time this week. All of the domain names launched this week are open TLDs with no restrictions on registration.

gTLD of the week: .technology

This week Donuts have launched the Trademark Sunrise phase for .technology which we see is an interesting TLD for many companies, especially those involved in the technology sector. The term technology stretches across a number of verticals making it an attractive generic term for many businesses.

The other new Donuts gTLDs launched this week are:-


All of the above new gTLDs are available for either pre-registration or blocking with Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) through NetNames.

Uniregistry have launched:-


Next week as expected, the program is due to slow down for Christmas with just four scheduled launches, all from Donuts:-


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