Handy infographic shows when gTLDs for public registration launch

The explosion of new gTLDs about to come online is going to be difficult to keep track of. With only 22 gTLDs having launched since .com in 1985 to this year, there will be huge changes with another 617 launching for public registration over the next couple of years.

There are another 800 or so gTLDs to launch from brand owners, but these will not be available for public registration.

To help keep track as the first of the gTLDs enter their Sunrise stages in preparation for public registration, the European Domain Centre has launched an infographic outlining the date they estimate each new gTLD will launch as information comes available.

The infographic is intended to help, among others, brand owners be aware of when gTLDs are launching and to help them prepare a brand protection strategy to secure the most obvious and relevant domain names.

Marketers will have new, innovative options to be creative and new businesses will have a large assortment of endless possibilities finding the perfect name.

When using the infographic though, be patient as you hold your cursor over the month in question on the calendar wheel and the gTLDs launching in that month will appear on either side of the calendar wheel.

The infographic is available here.

Written by David Goldstein, Online Researcher and Consultant.