TLD Times - gTLD of the week: Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网)

gTLD of the week: Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网)

Ring in Chinese New Year by securing Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website the essential new Chinese gTLDs: culturally relevant and linguistically correct. When Chinese consumers serach Baidu or Google for an online product or service (such as “hotels” or “shoes”) they use the search term + the Chinese word for “online” or “Chinese Website” — the same characters as Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website.

The Chinese word 在线 is the precise and singular translation for the English word “online” — there is zero ambiguity about the purpose of websites and services in a Dot Chinese Online domain. Dot Chinese Website is the natural home for Chinese language news and media sites. The Chinese phrase 中文网 (“Chinese language website”) is the utterly standard phrase that communicates to Chinese netizens that the site is localized into Chinese.

Like the Chinese characters for Dot Chinese Online, the characters for Dot Chinese Website have been validated by hundreds of the most famous localized Chinese sites on the web. Brands, corporates and publishers as diverse as Nokia, MSN, Reuters, Jay Chou, the NBA, Eminem, CNBC, IMDb, Real Madrid, Samsung, the United Nations, the BBC and scores of others are already using 中文网 in their names.

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