Three-Quarter Million New gTLD Registrations As LONDON And NYC Get Moving

There are now almost three-quarters of a million (746,338) domain names across all new gTLDs according to as of 12 May.

Registrations took a big boost last week with the launch of the .club gTLD when 25,690 domains were registered on the first day (7 May) of their General Availability. But as with most, if not all, of the gTLDs to launch to date, there is a flurry of registrations on day one which quickly tapers off to daily incremental growth.

In the case of .club, day two of General Availability saw 4,818 registrations, day three 3,701, day four 1,942 and day five 1,092.

But registrations for .club are still impressive and the gTLD now sits comfortably in third place behind .guru with 56,184 registrations and .berlin with 47,622.

To date there are nine gTLDs with more than 20,000 registrations, 21 with more than 10,000, 40 with more than 5,000 and 87 with more than 1,000.

But there are a couple of gTLDs that have recently launched and are set to radically change the order of things. The gTLDs for the cities of London and New York City have great potential – cities of more than eight million each and relatively crowded TLDs - and .com respectively. While .com is not a ccTLD, it has to a large extent acted as both the world’s default TLD and the ccTLD for the United States.

For .london, there are reports there were more than 50,000 pre-registration leading up to its launch on 29 April. Since then, figures are hard to come by, but it has been estimated there have been over 100,000 applications for domains in phase one since then.

Phase one runs until 31 July and gives priority to registered trademark holders and Londoners applying for domain names.

Allocation of names during the first phase will depend on a priority ranking. The following is the priority ranking of customers in order:

  1. those in the Trademark Clearinghouse

  2. those having a London address AND a right to a name (e.g. it matches their business name)

  3. those having a London address for any name

  4. those without a presence in London

Where there is more than one application for a name those applicants will be validated by an external validation agent. If, after validation, multiple applicants for the same domain name end up in the highest priority ranking then an auction process will be used to determine who will get the domain.

General availability commences on 9 September when .london domains will be available on a first come, first served basis to all.

For New York City’s gTLD there are some differences, but the main one is .nyc domain names will only be available to businesses and residents of New York City. For .nyc, the Sunrise period will run until 20 June while a .nyc Founders Program will run concurrently (until 13 June).

Following the .nyc Sunrise period and Founders Program, the .nyc domain will continue to roll out to the general public in a phased manner. City affiliated names will be allocated between 25 June and 31 July. Next, high-value .nyc domain names will be allocated for a premium price during the “landrush” period, between 4 August and 3 October, and then .nyc domain names will launch to the general public on 8 October.

By David Goldstein, Online Researcher and Consultant.