Internet 2020 report research reinforces the need for brand protection

“If consumers came across a bogus website, 78% said they would shun the brand” – so said Gary McIlraith, NetNames CEO at the launch of the widely-covered NetNames Internet 2020 report in London last month.

This statistic comes from research conducted by NetNames in preparation for this report and it is stark in its message – there is a clear correlation between the brands the counterfeiters choose to use and the perception of the consumer towards that brand.  It doesn’t matter if they believe that the brand is responsible or not – the damage is done.

We are often asked by our customers, “How do we effectively calculate ROI?”  The answer depends on the customer themselves and on their business priorities, but we are pretty good at building (sometimes complex, sometimes simple) return on investment calculations that facilitate visibility of brand protection value.  These can be based on number of actions, value of counterfeit listings removed, increased legitimate traffic and other measurable criteria.

However, this shows that ROI extends beyond the immediately measurable.  How do you quantify brand damage caused by emotive consumer reaction to unforeseen issues?  How much of your marketing and development spend is eroded by online infringements?  How do you put a value on customer loyalty?

Howard Schultz stated, “If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”  The internet is the biggest shop window for your brand and for your current and future customers.  If the experiences that these customers encounter online do not reflect your brand values, then they will not stay loyal to your organisation.  Simple online monitoring and enforcement programs can protect your brand and prevent its value being eroded.

How much is that worth?

To download the Internet 2020 report please click here

Haydn Simpson, Product Director, Brand Protection