The NetNames new gTLD Christmas blog

The NetNames new gTLD .Christmas Story

'Twas night before .Christmas and all through the .house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.'

The .shopping madness of .blackfriday is behind us, and we spent our all our .money .online on Cyber Monday looking for .bargains, making our .creditcards .red .hot as we went .discount crazy.  The .party season is now in full swing as we prepare for the .one true .global .event, celebrated in every .country across the .world. It's .Christmas time!

".christmas time, mistletoe and .wine" as good old Cliff would sing.  A time to forget .work for a .day or two and enjoy some time spent with our .family.  A .holiday tradition or two perhaps? A .country walk to the .pub with the .dog for a .beer whilst Mums (or Dads!) everywhere take care of the .cooking in the .kitchen, preparing the .food with the odd sip of .wine!

There will be .gifts all around the .christmas tree for everyone in the .family.  .Toys galore for children big and small, .luxury .clothing, a .hermes scarf or a .gucci bag, some fancy new .shoes, perhaps even a .smart .new .bike or two.  For those who have really gone to .town then perhaps a brand .new .car such as a .bmw or a .landrover with a bow on .top. In our .house this .christmas there will be prayers said for Santa to make a special delivery of those sold out One Direction .tickets or another .here .today, gone tomorrow .band who can never hold a candle to The Beatles.

After the delicious .food has all been consumed, we slump in the chair and promise to .diet in the .new year or at least start that much talked about .fitness plan.  It's .christmas .blockbuster .movie time, well at least for a little while before we fall asleep.

Some people may take to the .sky, .booking a .holiday to somewhere .hot like .miami, .rio or .melbourne to relax on the beach, or to a .city that .rocks like .vegas where they can .party by .day and blow all their .money by night in the .casino.  Some will come .home .winners, flush with .cash from winning at .poker whilst most will .fly back feeling a bit .blue and preparing to face the .music from the .bank or .creditcard company.

But whatever we do, wherever we are, .christmas is about .giving. Remembering the reason why we all are .living. And what better .gift to .buy this .holiday season. Without any need for rhyme or reason than a .gift of .love that will always remain, such as a some new domains from those chaps at NetNames.