A Very Fashionable Domain

Here’s a great fact for you: “design” is the most prevalent word found in dotCom domains, beating “online,” “shop,” and “group.” There are over 800,000 domain names that contain this simple but evocative six-letter word. Furthermore, we know that for every site that mentions “design” in its domain name, there are two more that are about design, but don’t specifically call it out. This only backs up what we already know, that design is a hugely important concept, encompassing many markets, yet many organisations have missed the boat up until now in aligning the keywords they use to promote their website with a domain name featuring the word “design”.

Why so prevalent?

It is the umbrella under which many billion dollar industries operate including graphic design, architecture, web design, interior design and video game design. All of these industries are distinct, but interconnected by threads of creativity and the drive to create products that are functional, yet elegant.

The word “design” is powerful. It carries a punch, instantly adding meaning to whatever it is attached to. Even industries that wouldn’t traditionally be associated with design, per se, want to cash in on the inherent prestige of being “designed.” It points to “quality,” “crafted,” “bespoke.”
But, perhaps most importantly, the word is just as international as the industries it encompasses.

A new opportunity by dotDesign

The launch of the dotDesign new gTLD has certainly generated significant interest already. According to Top Level Design, the registry behind the gTLD, sunrise numbers have been very encouraging indeed. “Perhaps it is no surprise, given the cachet and connotations of the word that a significant percentage of these early-adopters have already come from the fashion industry”, Andrew Merriam, Business Development Director said this week.

It makes perfect sense that high-profile fashion houses have already begun to invest in the dotDesign domain. Fashion is $1.2 trillion global industry for and by designers. But, of course, industry giants aren’t the only ones who will benefit from staying one step ahead of the curve as the TLD enters general availability in two weeks time.