United King.domain


Just under one in every twenty new gTLDs has been registered by someone in the United Kingdom as of the 10th May.  With over 258,000 names registered by registrants with a UK address, our beautiful land sits fifth in the registrations by country, behind Germany and marginally above the Cayman Islands.

Perhaps that last territory threw you, but all is not always as it seems with domain names - after all, the second most registered Top Level Domain in the world after dotCom happens to be dotTK, an island in the South Pacific Ocean with an area of 10km2 and less than 1,500 inhabitants.  Whilst the USA tops the list in the new gTLD world with over 1.36m (25%) of the registrations, there will be some raised question marks about China's presence in second place, with 1.27m registrations simply because when you drill down into the detail, over 340,000 are held by the Internet Domain Name System Beijing Engineering Research Center LLC (ZDNS) for future use.

I'd love to tell you who is currently in third place but it's a secret.  Private or Proxy registrations so far total over 895,000, with the most popular suffixes coming in for the secret treatment being dotXYZ, dotClub and dotLink.  Germany sits proudly in fourth place with over 495,000 registrations thanks in part to the marketing efforts on launch of dotBerlin which saw German residents able to grab free names and accounting for over thirty percent of all registrations.  Interestingly, the three next biggest suffixes in Germany are also geographic TLDs - dotBayern, dotKoeln and dotHamburg.

So what makes up the 258,000 UK registrations? Unsurprisingly, dotLondon is top of the pile with 50,000 registrations to date, but dotScot (8.5k) and Wales (8k) show the appetite for geographic names across the whole of the realm.  Other popular names include dotXYZ, dotClub and dotPhotography.

Just outside the top five is the Cayman Islands.  Another potentially strange one unless you know the inner workings of the domain world.  On Grand Cayman you will find the home of Uniregistry, who also run Uniregistrar. Out of the 231,000 names registered by the 57,000 population and hundreds of businesses based here, 228,000 have been through Uniregistrar.  The top ten registered names? No surprise to see them all run by Uniregistry, with dotProperty the current top of the pops.

There are few other surprises as you work your way down the list. Most of the world's biggest Internet users are represented in the top 25, although there are still a few surprises such as the South Caribbean island of Curacao, a Dutch Sovereign island which can boast nearly 5,000 registrations so far, the vast majority (90%) in the dotWebcam suffix.