NetNames Industry Roundup

By David Goldstein

AuDA Launches Second Round of Consultation On Opening Up Second Level Domains

The .au policy regulator auDA has launched a second round of consultation on changes to its policy framework with comment sought on a number of recommendations, the main one being whether to allow the registration of second level domains, such as, for both individuals and businesses. In the first round of consultation over 60% of respondents supported allowing second level registrations. Comment is also sought on a number of other recommendations including flexible registration periods. For more information, see Comment closes on 30 September.

Australia's ccTLD Reaches 3 Million Registrations

The Australian ccTLD, .au, reached the three million registrations milestone in late July putting it within the top ten ccTLDs. The increase in each million has taken around four years. To commemorate AusRegistry put together some stats on .au names, such as the average length of a .au domain name is 10 to 13 characters, almost 40 percent have been registered for between two and six years while seven percent have been registered for more than 10 years and 86 percent of all .au domains are registered under

.AU is also introducing a “world-first security measure” to help combat increasing cybercrime. According to the Australian government, cybercrime cost the Australian economy $1 billion in the last 12 months. To help combat cybercrime in .au, a world-first Registrar Information Security Standard (ISS) for registrars was launched in 2013. Registrars were given two years to meet the ISS standard and the deadline is rapidly approaching in October 2015.

The .au Registrar ISS is a set of mandatory protocols which will help .au registrars manage and improve the security of their infrastructure and systems, as well as protect the stability and integrity of the .au namespace.

More Than 5,500 Applications Received for .BANK

GTLD Registry Services announced in late July that over 5,500 applications for .bank domains were received from members of the global banking community. Top locations for .bank applications prior to its General Availability launch came from banking institutions across the United States, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Spain.

One early adopter was a Kansas City-based bank, Lead Bank, that cited enhanced security measures including strong encryption and verification requirements as key drivers for their decision to transition from a .com to a .bank domain.

All applications for .bank domains are verified by Symantec to ensure only banks and other reputable financial institutions are granted .bank domains.

.EU Renewal Rates Remain Constant

The latest progress report from the .eu registry, EURid, has shown that for nine consecutive years .eu has maintained a high renewal rate. During the second quarter of 2015 an average 81 percent of .eu domain names were renewed.

Majority of .KY Registrants Yet To Reregister Domains

Approximately 7,000 .ky registrants are yet to renew their domain names, the Cayman Islands Information and Communication Technology Authority (ICTA) has revealed. Previously .ky domains were free, but only Cayman Islands organisations, residents in the Cayman Islands and companies registered with the Cayman Islands’ Company Registry were entitled to register one.

But as of 2 September, all unregistered .ky domain names will be available for registration to anyone worldwide for an annual fee of US$39.88. Around 1,900 of the original .ky domain registrants have renewed their domains.

Verisign Hiking .NET Registration Fee 10%

Verisign is hiking the .net registry fee, the fee charged to registrars by ten percent. From 1 February 2016, the annual fee for a .net domain name registration will increase from $6.79 to $7.46 as per its agreement with ICANN.

Rightside Announces High Demand For Its .NEWS gTLD

Rightside has announced there has been high demand for its .news gTLD. At the end of its first day of General Availability on 15 July there were 9,109 .news domains registered and registrations have increased at a steady rate since to almost 18,500 registrations one month later.

Organisations to have registered .news domains include Amazon, Apple, Chrysler, Dow Jones, Fox, Gannett, Goldman Sachs, LinkedIn, London Stock Exchange, Major League Baseball, Microsoft, Oracle, T-Mobile, UnderArmour and UPS. Plus there have been a number of early adopters including the Los Angeles Times ( and PinkNews (, although both are currently redirecting to their .com and addresses respectively.