Become a Berliner! How international Brands localize with dotBerlin domains

By Katrin Ohlmer, Head of Marketing, dotBERLIN GmbH



International brands are used to their dotCom domain names. Nevertheless their target groups want to be addressed locally. DotBerlin domain names offer the opportunity to approach Berliners the way they like it – in Berlin, the digital way. With dotBerlin, companies can stick to their dotCom domain and add a fresh, local dotBerlin domain to their portfolio in order to narrow down their communication to the local level and reach their Berlin audience online. There are several cases that show a variety of domain strategies.
One example is the local flagship store of Microsoft which is directly linked to using, including a detailed overview of their services offered at their store in Berlin.

The sporting-goods manufacturer adidas registered for their running project which connects Berliners and offers a completely localized brand experience. Meet new people who love running as much as you do and try the latest Adidas fashion and goods - local branding at its best.

German Telekom uses the domain as a link shortener for their laboratories in Berlin, replacing their very long URL . They direct their audience to their laboratories in Berlin.

Local stores or departments, targeted campaigns or events – there are several ways of using a dotBerlin domain as a large national or international company. And if you decide to set up a campaign website with its own domain a dotBerlin domain will even push your ranking on Google for local search results. Short, perfectly matching dotBerlin domains are always the best idea for your local communication online and offline.