Security alert: domain suspension notices


We have become aware of a wide-scale phishing attack that is targeting domain name holders across a range of registrars.  The current format of the emails is that they have the subject line of  “Domain (yourdomainname.example) Suspension Notice.” The email text claims that your domain name(s) have been suspended for violation of the registrar’s abuse policy.

The email then asks you to follow a link to download a copy of the abuse complaint.  We understand that this is an attempt to install malware on the receivers’ machine, the aim of which is unknown at this time. Neither NetNames nor our registrar company, Ascio, would ever ask you to download a file from an email link. Under no circumstances should you do so if you receive such a request in an email that appears to be from us. Should you have already received such an email and downloaded the file, we would recommend contacting your IT security team or advisor immediately.

It is more than possible that the subject line or some of the content may be amended to try and avoid being detected by anti-virus software.  If you are in any doubt about any communication you receive from NetNames or Ascio, please contact your NetNames account manager who will be able to verify its legitimacy.