New gTLD round up –October

By Stuart Fuller


October wasn't a month to really set the pulses racing in terms of the launch of new gTLDs.  The major event was the launch by Boston Ivy of five of their financially-themed gTLDs - dotBroker, dotCFD, dotForex, dotSpreadbetting and dotTrading, which have varying restrictions based on some sensible financial registration criteria.  Other sunrises included a new GeoTLD in dotKyoto and dotFeedback whose operational model hasn't seen brand holders jumping for joy yet.

The eagerly awaited dotLaw and dotAbogado came out of Sunrise, through Landrush and are now in General Availability with 2,300 registrations for the former but just 74 for the latter.  Six other new gTLDs passed into GA, the most successful of which so far has been dotMiami with over 11,000 registrations and gaining it a place in the top 15 GeoTLDs.  Three further gTLDs were delegated in October, all belonging to brands, namely dotLandrover, dotJaguar and dotRWE.

There are now 777 gTLDs launched with registration numbers passing through the eight million mark.  In fact, registrations in October grew by over 10% to 8.7m, one of the biggest growth months since the programme began three years ago. Whilst some of that growth may have come from registries playing the system there are a number of TLDs that enjoyed October more than most.  DotXYZ and dotWin continue to race ahead in terms of registration numbers but dotOne, dotLoan and dotOnline also enjoyed a good month.

Looking ahead to November there will be some interesting Sunrise launches including Donuts dotWine and dotVin, Rightside's dotFamily and Aruba's dotCloud.  Moving into General Availability is ICM's dotSex which will hope to match the relatively impressive numbers recorded so far by dotAdult and dotPorn.  With the start of the holiday season it will also be interesting to see whether there is any festive cheer in registration numbers for dotBlackFriday and dotChristmas.