A visit from St Fraudulent

By Bruce Williams


T’was the week before Christmas and all through the land
Fraudsters are working to counterfeit your brand
There are factories in Shanghai, Bangkok and Taipei
All working overtime, all through the day

There are replica watches, Rolex and Tags
Cheap Levis and Nikes and Gucci handbags
There were iPhones, and iPads, screens of all kind
There was even that vodka that makes you go blind

All of these products, you can find them online
Christmas bargains are bought, in no matter of time
Festive savings that are beyond your wildest dreams
Your stockings all filled, bursting right at the seams

Oh how they will laugh and smile with such glee
Unwrapping your gifts, how popular will you be?
The favourite of the family, a true Christmas star
While making your money go really quite far

But what you don’t know, is how will these gifts fare?
That iPad will it load, will those jeans go threadbare?
How will your loved ones feel in the forthcoming days?
When their gifts start to fail, and joy turns to dismay

Now listen, now look and now please pay attention
On fakes, on copies, and on cheap imitations
From listings on E-Bay to the back streets of Camden
These products you see, are cheap for a reason

As good as they seem and as tempting they are
Avoid at all costs, keeping your money afar
Their appeal soon goes, don’t make your Christmas seem bleak
And let’s all be honest, they will make you look cheap

The story continues, there is more to be told
A dark side to these products is yet to unfold
The reasons behind their global criticism
These criminals employ children and fund terrorism

Thinking cheap toothpaste, perfume, and makeup a must
You should be aware, it is likely poisonous
It will damage your skin, and tarnish your insides
So what are you saving from risking your lives?

Batteries that explode and brake pads turn to dust
Can you appreciate why we are making a fuss?
It is not to ruin all your Christmas affairs
But so you can protect for all those which you care

So take our advice, make Christmas not a failure
Buy all of your goods, from an authorised e-retailer
Ensure that this Christmas is one to remember
Make sure all your gifts make it past this December

So remember that while you are shopping online
That bargain you’ve seen could be related to crime
Keep your wits about you and look out for the clues
Like prices so low they are too good to be true!

While you may be spending a little more this year
The genuine product will bring them more cheer
That is if your Christmas is about what you’ve been bought
Depending on what it is that you have been taught

We wish you all the best, festive season and good cheer
Filled with laughter and fun, ready for the New Year
And make this a holiday that will not become scorned
Merry Christmas to all, you have now all been warned.