Gone in 60 seconds: exploring the opportunities and threats posed to brands by social media

By Stuart Fuller and Haydn Simpson


With over one billion Facebook users and 500 million Twitter account holders, social media provides brands with clear channels of communication, leading directly to the customer. However, alongside the growing digital audience come influencers primed to manipulate it. The number of fake Twitter followers alone has already surpassed the 20 million mark. Unauthorised pages, fake social media channels and disgruntled ex-employees all have the ability to place a negative spin on conversation, damaging the brand. Social media is capable of destroying reputation in a fraction of the time taken to build it, equally harming the organisation’s revenues.

Although social media creates the perfect platform for consumers to receive real time updates from brands, there is also opportunity for a positive reputation - however carefully created - to be destroyed with one Tweet, Facebook comment or Instagram photo. Faced with such a fast-moving landscape, it is imperative that brands are knowledgeable of the possible risks and methods of proactively averting them.

Efficient online communications are crucial to the success of a business. In addition to being aware of the threats, businesses also need to grasp the opportunities available. Brands should align their digital activities with their overall strategic goals in order to reap the benefits of the online community.

With its expertise in these digital dangers, NetNames acts as a barrier, providing brands with expert knowledge, advice and protective services.