New gTLD Update November 2015

By Stuart Fuller


November saw some impressive growth in new gTLD numbers with over a million registrations made, breaking through the 10,000,000 mark in the middle of the month.  Despite only a few new gTLDs opening for Sunrise in November, it seems finally that we are starting to see the momentum that many thought would accompany their initial launch nearly two years ago.

The biggest winners were unsurprisingly dotXYZ which added over 300,000 registrations in the month to take them to 1.6m, whilst dotTop continued its impressive history by almost doubling its registration base in just thirty days as it went into second place in terms of volume, finishing the month on 911,000.  Their growth, as too is dotXYZ and dotWang, is coming from China where they appear to be going domain name crazy – Verisign have also reported an upsurge in dotCom registrations thanks to growth in China.

The newest names to enter the game were dotFamily, dotCloud, dotVin, dotWine and dotReit (an acronym for Real Estate Investment Trust) all opened for sunrise whilst Microsoft added dotOffice to their suite of names.  DotCorsica reported modest sunrise numbers and passed into Landrush whilst dotSex and dotEarth passed into General Availability.

ICM’s dotSex completed their set but didn’t quite hit the same sunrise numbers as dotPorn or dotAdult, registering around 6,000 names in total, although the zone has grown steadily since.  DotEarth had just shy of 1,800 registrations by the end of November.

The month also saw a couple more dotBrands launch their own slices of the Internet – Sony launched a campaign site,, to accompany the release of the James Bond film, Spectre whilst CERN, the creators of the World Wide Web launched  For those whose excitement comes from fast cars then you may be interested to know that dotBugatti, dotAudi and dotLamborghini were delegated during November, along with dotVerisign and dotBostik.

There was little change in the top 10 ranked new gTLD websites, according to Alexa with a number of strangely-named sites still dominating the list although BNP Paribas’ online bank, Mabanque is now in the top 10 with a ranking of 3,536.  Our very own Barclays are slowly climbing the list too with now ranked 353rd.

December sees a number of interesting gTLDs launch sunrise including dotCar, DotCars, dotAuto, DotProtection and DotSecurity.  Verisign will also launch their first dotCom transliteration when XN—TCKWE, the Japanese version, opens for sunrise.