Chinese New Year

By Olivia Cain


If you’re tasked with the protection of a brand online, you’ll know that the Chinese marketplaces are rife with counterfeits; ranging from vehicle parts to high end luxury goods. China has the largest and fastest growing number of Internet users, hitting around the 668 million mark, and this can be seen as both an opportunity and a threat for brand owners.

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In fact, the Chinese market has become so notorious for fakes that it may not come as a surprise to hear that, alongside the luxury products available on the marketplaces, there is a new trend emerging of fake boyfriends and girlfriends.

New mobile app Jobdoh, a platform generally used for business recruitment, has had examples of singletons grasping at straws and advertising for a partner to take home to meet their parents for Chinese New Year. The user simply rents a boyfriend or girlfriend for the break, with costs ranging from 500 yuan an hour to upwards of 1,200 yuan, to stop their parents from pestering them about their lack of love life over the holiday period.

Whilst the Chinese culture has started to embrace the culture of singletons with the adoption of “Singles Day”, a day dedicated to celebrating and treating yourself if single, with recorded results of $14.3bn worth of sales on Alibaba on the day, it seems that these new rules don’t apply when faced with disappointed parents at home.

The Year of the Monkey has started today …