New gTLD review – January 2016

By Stuart Fuller


January proved to be a busy month in terms of new gTLD activity as the holiday period disappeared over the horizon.  Total new gTLD registrations grew by 668,405, slightly down on December’s total of 734,000 but still enough to make it one of the biggest months since the programme kicked off two years ago.

The top ten most registered gTLDs is still headed by dotXYZ (1.87m registrations by end of January) who added around 75,000 new names to their zone and are on course to break the 2 million mark some time by the end of February.  The TLD is now the 14th biggest TLD zone, bigger than dotIN, dotES and dotCO, and will soon surpass dotCH.  Their registration growth is being fuelled from China, as too are registrations in the next three gTLDs on the list, dotTop, Wang and Win.  These gTLDs are still the fastest growing week on week:-

1st - XYZ – 8,160 per week
2nd - Link – 2,361 per week
3rd - Top – 1,958 per week
4th - Win – 1,586 per week
5th - Bid – 1,173 per week

The number of signed registry agreements has now moved over the 90% threshold, with less than a hundred still to go.  The latest ones in January to put pen to paper were dotGMBH (Donuts), dotStream (dot Stream Ltd) and dotFun (Oriental Trading Company Inc).  Out of that 1,210, 904 TLDs are now classed as operational with six more openings for Sunrise in January including the highly competitive dotBet from Afilias and the City names for Barcelona and Istanbul (plus the shortened dotIST).

One of the largest retailers in the world, Alibaba celebrated a bumper festive period by seeing their portfolio of dotBrands (DotAlibaba, Tmall, Taobao and Alipay) delegated into the root zone.

Ten gTLDs passed through Sunrise into General Availability during the month.  The most successful ones included Rightside’s dotFamily which grew from 245 registrations at the end of Sunrise to over 5,000 registrations by the end of the month.  Donuts had a very successful month with their duo of dotWine and dotVin which saw them end the month with over 9,500 registrations in the two TLDs.  XYZ launched a number of new TLDs including dotSecurity and dotProtection, the latter already adopted by NetNames as the new home for our Brand Protection services (

In terms of the most popular gTLDs there has been little change in the top ten websites as ranked by Alexa with a mix of click sites, directories and pornographic websites, although BNP Paribas continues to grow in popularity, now up to number 7 on the list.  In the Top 500 sites there is no surprise to see the low-cost TLDs XYZ (78 sites) and Club (62) being the most popular.  Apart from BNP Paribas, the only other brand in the list is Barclays who are continuing to see benefits from their switch to