New gTLD review

Stuart Fuller

After the massive growth in new gTLD registrations in February, where over three million new names were registered, March was considerably quieter with 1.17 million names (although that in itself was still nearly 200% of the 668,000 we saw in January).  Over half of all new gTLDs are registered by Chinese registrants (54%), with Chengdu West Dimension Digital still being the biggest registrar with just over 4.1 million (25%) of all new gTLDs registered.

The top ten most registered gTLDs is still headed by dotXYZ (2.72m registrations by end of March) who added around 123,000 new names to their zone, around half a million less than we saw in February although back in line with their growth up until that point.almost ten times as many as they did in January.  There has been very little change in the rest of the top 10, with dotTop, dotWant, dotWin and dotClub still taking up the top five registered, whilst the strongest growth came from Alibaba’s dotXin (“cloud”), currently in 11th spot, which added around 220,000 names during the month.  As of the end of March the fastest growing gTLDs on a week by week basis are:-

1st – Top – 11,429 per week
2nd – XYZ – 4,354 per week
3rd – Win – 3,430 per week
4th – Xin – 3,303 per week
5th – Download – 1,277 per week

For the second month in a row, only dotTop appeared in the five fastest growing TLDs in successive months, potentially underlining that some of the most registered TLDs may be suffering the same issue as we saw in dotCom that drove the momentum initially in the launch of the new gTLDs as we the massive growth around Chinese New Year last month subsiding.

ICANN’s contracting team had another quiet month, only signing agreements for dotArt (UK Creative Ideas Ltd) and dotShopping.   In terms of delegation, twelve new gTLDs were added to the root zone including four generic Top Level Domains from Amazon (dotTalk, dotAWS, dotYou and the Chinese script for “consumer electronics”).  Chinese Internet Security company Qihoo 3600 also saw four of their new gTLDs added including dotYun which means “cloud”.  Donuts dotGMBH was delegated at the start of the month and will open for Sunrise in the next week.

Two new gTLDs launched their Sunrise period in March – dotHomes and dotVIP whilst four moved into general availability, the most successful of which was dotBet, adding around 10,000 more names after passing into first come, first served.

In terms of the most popular gTLDs there has been a few changes in the top ten websites as ranked by Alexa.  The “most popular” website is which is a website offering proxy services to work around regional IP blocking. There are a total of 783 domain names within the Alexa 100,000 with dotXYZ unsurprisingly the most registered TLD with 106 domain names, followed by dotPics (94), dotClub (78) and dotTop (26).

The few dotBrands that have launched have consolidated their position within the Alexa top 1 million with and leading the way both for the financial sector but also for dotBrands everywhere, both increasing their rankings in the past four weeks.  The biggest news in this space in March was the launch of, which whilst in Beta, will eventually be their hub for all digital services as well as one of our favourites, from the Swedish hi-tech engineering company.

Looking ahead to April, there are four new gTLDs due to launch in the next few weeks with dotMotorcylces, dotStore, dotLtd and dotGMBH whilst dotBoats and dotYachts move into General Availability.