Lipstick Day

Olivia Cain

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Friday 29th July marks International Lipstick Day, and so we’re once again delving in to the world of counterfeit lip products.

Today, I went on eBay and I searched for a luxury brand lipstick. The first thing I did was to sort my search results from the lowest price to the highest. Why did I do this? I wanted something for a better deal than it’s normally sold at. You not only get a brand new item, but also the high when you exclaim that it was ‘only’ a certain price rather than admitting to the shame of having bought something at full price in this day and age.

So you’ve bought a discount lipstick; now what’s the worst that could happen? Well, you could have simply bought a tube that someone didn’t want that shows signs of being used. You could’ve bought a cheaper lipstick rammed in to the expensive casing. Or you could’ve just purchased a combination of arsenic, lead and cyanide to decorate your face with. Take your pick; or rather, take your chances.

In May 2015, the City of London police discovered a shipping container filled with more than 4,700 counterfeit MAC products, including foundation, lip gloss, eyebrow pencils, bronzer and eye shadow. These products were mostly made in labs in China and sold to Eastern Europe and the UK through websites such as eBay and Amazon. The danger with eBay and Amazon is the fact that they’re trusted sites renowned for their cheaper prices, and consequently we as consumers let our guards down; our positive view of the site in general means we often don’t stop to think about the individuals selling on it.

It’s key to remember that eBay and Amazon can’t always be aware of rogue sellers. Whilst they have procedures in place that help protect consumers, it’s hard for them to take responsibility for counterfeit products that are packaged and promoted as the real thing. This can be done by working with a company like NetNames to monitor and enforce against rogue sellers in the takedown of online counterfeits, using our expertise in spotting the tell-tale signs of counterfeit listings and fake packaging.

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