Batman day

Leigh Mitchell

“What did Batman say to Robin before they got in the Batmobile?

Get in the Batmobile Robin!” – Ancient Eastern Proverb.


Today, September 26th, is National Batman Day, and for those of you unaware of just how important that is, I wanted to take some of your time to talk about everyone’s favorite vigilante.


‘The caped crusader’ has been in the public consciousness for more than 75 years, first appearing in Detective Comics all the way back in 1939. The character has spanned countless publications, cartoons, TV shows and Hollywood blockbusters, where he’s been played by a variety of talented actors, including Michael Keaton (ultimate), George Clooney (best forgotten) and Christian Bale (why so serious?). The superhero’s popularity has endured through many generations, appealing to teenagers and adults alike – most likely due to the fact that at a very base level, he’s just a normal bloke in a pair of tights who enjoys a good punch-up.


The story of Batman is a simple but universal one. A young chap named Bruce Wayne’s billionaire parents are brutally murdered by a petty criminal, and spends the rest of his life dedicated to justice and ridding the dark and brooding Gotham City of its increasingly unhinged criminals. However, rather than boasting about what a hero he is to anyone who’ll listen, the orphan decides to keep his identity secret, and continues his normal life as an absurdly wealthy playboy who appears to do nothing more than schmooze and step out on the town with a harem of exotic women.


The Dark Knight’s foes are the most colorful and creative villains to be found anywhere in the comic book cannon. The Joker, recreated superbly by the late Heath Ledger and previously by a maniacally grinning Jack Nicholson, is perhaps his greatest nemesis, but part of the appeal of Batman is the seemingly never-ending list of nutcases for him to bring to justice: The Riddler, with his wonderful spandex onesie and collection of brainteasers; the short and dumpy and very unintimidating Penguin; and the leather-clad 90s teenager fantasy that was Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, to name but a few. However, now we’re firmly in the 21st century, there’s a bit more to worry about than just the delinquents of Arkham Asylum.


The most recent adaptation ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ starring Ben Affleck (exceptionally large chin) had several premieres cancelled in Russia due to piracy issues[1]. Before that, back in 2005, a huge number of DVD copies of Batman Begins were confiscated by trading standards officers in central London[2], and with Universal Studios pumping a colossal $500m into the franchise, it can ill afford to allow such problems to affect its box office takings.


And it’s not just chancers with video cameras at the back of the picture house that are of concern. Increasingly, merchandising is a huge part of any major release – and Batman is no exception. So, when you get instances such as this incredible fake action figure pictured below, you start to wonder whether Mr Wayne is prepared for the dangers of the digital age:



So, as it is indeed National Batichica Day – and in the interest of helping out a guy who does so much to protect the rest of us – I’ve set about putting together a brand protection plan for the masked vigilante.


Privacy proxy – the last thing Batman wants is Bane and Poison Ivy knocking down the door of Wayne Manor just because his personal details are plastered all over the WHOIS. For a gentleman who enjoys his confidentiality, this would surely be the first port of call.


Marketplace monitoring – nobody wants to see dodgy knock-offs of their likeness all over eBay – especially someone who spends a fortune on making himself look as cool as possible. With our tailor-made marketplace monitoring service, we can analyze and enforce upon all of the major sites, and ensure only legitimate and authorized dolls (sorry, action figures) are being enjoyed by Bat-fans.


Social media monitoring – as a famous billionaire philanthropist, Bruce Wayne would no doubt be a prime target for fake Facebook and Twitter profiles attempting to sully his good name. With our specialized social media monitoring program, it needn’t be a worry any more. Get back to schmoozing Brucey, we’ve got you covered.


Holy avoidable brand damage Batman! You might be a serious hard-nut with a massive collection of gadgets to help you fight the bad guys, but there’s no shame in getting the assistance of a dedicated bunch of professionals to help you win battles in the dark and brooding digital space. Glide yourself over to and let’s get you present, protected and prosperous online! 

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