Trumping the domain name world

Stuart Fuller

As luck would have it I arrived in New York last night in time to watch the US Presidential Election results unfold.  Between 10pm and 1am EST the vote was too close to call but in the next hour or so Donald Trump’s lead started to become clear and by 3am he was announced the 45th President of the United States of America.

So how did the ebb and flow of the last few days of campaigning and the events of last night impact domain name registrations featuring the keywords ‘Trump’ and ‘Clinton’? 

Since the 3rd November, there had been an average of 58 dotCom and dotNet registrations featuring the word ‘Trump’ until yesterday when it increased dramatically, peaking at 3am when 268 domain names were registered in a 60 minute period.  That number dropped as people appeared to head off to bed, knowing there was a new man in the White House, before rising again as people began to understand the scenario, hitting 191 registrations between 10am and 11am. The low point in that period for ‘Trump’ registrations came on the 6th November, which was coincided with the announcement that the FBI would not be taking any further action against Hillary Clinton, and saw her popularity in the polls rise again.

On the Democratic side, the take up of new registrations featuring the word ‘Clinton’ have been significantly lower. Perhaps that may be because many of the more relevant domain names have been registered before, or that those interested in registering domain names simply knew that she would not win. The other relevant keywords that have proven popular in domain name registrations has been ‘President’, which peaked at 3am with 56 dotCom and dotNet registrations.

Quite how the victory will affect some of the domain names being offered for sale prior to yesterday is unknown. All I can make an educated guess on is that I doubt that the owner of will now get the $2.5 million that they had listed the domain for sale at; nor domain registrants get for anything like the $1.725 million it was listed at on a major secondary market website.