Rights Protection in the Adult themed gTLD space.


The Registry operator of .xxx, ICM Registry, will launch .adult and .porn on the 2nd March 2015. These gTLDs will accompany the existing .xxx gTLD launched in 2011 and the .sex gTLD which is expected to launch in September 2015.   Adult themed gTLDs are specifically designed for the benefit of the global online adult entertainment industry and are expected to attract significant registration volumes during the open general availability phase. Trademark holders and brands will have the possibility to secure their rights prior to the general launch in one of two phases. Given the nature of the gTLDs NetNames recommends that customers take a defensive approach in this contentious space.   Unlike the .xxx gTLD there will be no option to “block” a domain from being registered as the Registry is operating the .porn and .adult gTLDs independently of .xxx and with no specific registration requirements. Domain registration is the only effective way of blocking others from using terms you have rights in or wish to protect.  

Registration Phases

Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) Sunrise 2nd March 2015 – 1st April 2015   The Registry will operate a standard TMCH sunrise which is open for 30 days from 2nd March 2015 until 1st April 2015. This phase will operate on a First Come First Serve (FCFS) basis for validated and active marks in the TMCH. The Registry has agreed to waive their Sunrise Application Fee to TMCH holders and will offer registration without a Sunrise premium during this phase. Although a formal blocking product is not offered by the registry, NetNames is able to offer 5 and 10 year discounted registrations during Sunrise, with registrations directed to an appropriately worded landing page, effectively replicating a 5 or 10 year block. As this is an FCFS Sunrise customers wishing to protect their rights are encouraged to place orders prior to launch and ensure the relevant marks are registered in the TMCH.   .xxx Sunrise B Applicants 6th April 2015 – 30th April 2015   After the mandated Sunrise period the Registry will operate a limited eligibility phase. During this phase former .xxx Sunrise B applicants from 2011 will be given priority to register directly matching strings under the .porn and .adult TLDs. As there were multiple Sunrise B blocks granted during the .xxx launch this phase will also operate on a FCFS basis. Similar to the TMCH Sunrise, NetNames offers 5 and 10 year blocking registration products described above.   Domain Matching and General Availability 6th May 2015 – 31st May 2015 and 4th June 2015 – ongoing   After the two initial phases existing active .xxx registrants will have the ability to register directly matching .adult and .porn domains. The gTLD will then move to general availability when registration will be offered without eligibility requirements. Again, the products available from NetNames are annual registrations or 5 and 10 year blocking registrations.   NetNames customers that are aware of competing trademarks or rights are advised to protect their rights in the TMCH Sunrise phase and secure registration on a FCFS basis. NetNames customers with unique rights and a corresponding .xxx sunrise B block are advised to register in the limited eligibility phase.   Please contact your NetNames Account Manager who will advise you which phase you will be eligible to register in. 



Registration Info

New gTLD analysis report

With an estimated 600 new commercial Top Level Domains opening for business in the next two years, and with up 20 strings being delegated every week, for most companies, blanket registration of all marks and key generic terms under all extensions is no longer a viable option from a budgetary point of view alone.

Identifying under which of the potential available extensions your business should register its primary name is difficult enough, but when you add other trademarked terms, generic terms, geographic extensions and industry related strings the task becomes hugely complex and costs rise dramatically.

NetNames has developed a tailored approach to assist companies in identifying the key terms which should be registered under which extensions and can provide estimated budgetary costs and timeline for expenditure.

NetNames are able to prepare a detailed analysis on behalf of each customer, using client specific information including trademark registrations in addition to details of each new gTLD due to be launched. These detailed reports will outline what registrations will support and defend your existing critical online assets as well as a timeline of when you need to take action.

If you would like NetNames to prepare your bespoke report, please contact your account manager or by calling us on: