dotSTORE deadline nears closer for retailers

NetNames, the leading online brand protection specialist, has today reminded retailers that the availability of the dotSTORE top-level domain (TLD) will come to an end on 5th June. Retailers worldwide looking to enhance their brand presence online, launch a new brand or reassess and optimise their portfolio of domain names, have just over a week to purchase this type of domain name.

The dotSTORE TLD is open to all businesses including start-ups, large retailers with plans to grow and improve their online presence, international retailers looking to expand into English-speaking markets, small online specialty vendors, brands with a product or service that was not previously available online , as well as large online marketplaces.

A significant number of retailers are expected to captalise on this final opportunity to own a dotSTORE TLD in order to benefit from enhanced SEO, increased security and a stronger brand presence online.

Brands that adopt a dotSTORE domain name will also benefit from higher website traffic, since sites listed using this type of web address are likely to be given the highest relevance in online search engines, thereby helping consumers find the website with ease.

By using a dedicated web address for their e-commerce operations, retailers can also direct customers to a specific section of the website, which will make the shopping experience simpler and convenient, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

In addition to the business opportunities offered by a dotSTORE domain name, retailers will be able to protect their online operations and safeguard their customers from cyber fraud more effectively. Websites using this type of address will also be easily identifiable as the genuine brand, as opposed to a fraudulent imitation, which is increasingly important as fraudsters develop sophisticated methods and technology to target online shoppers with scams.

Gary McIlraith, CEO at NetNames, comments:

“Last year the Office for National Statistics (ONS) warned that cases of fraud committed in England and Wales were on the increase, with almost half of these crimes relating to online shopping. With online retailers at risk of being targeted by fraudsters, a dotSTORE TLD will provide an innovative way to protect their brand. However, retailers must act fast if they want to obtain the highly-coveted dotSTORE TLD.”

For more information on the availability of the dotSTORE TLD please contact: