The AFNIC report on TLDs in 2012

The portfolio of names in the French extension .fr grew 15% in 2012, more than double the average growth of other extensions (excluding .cn). A comparative study of the top 50 domain name extensions worldwide was carried out by Afnic in January 2013. The average growth rate for all the extensions was 7% in 2012, a decrease of 2 percentage points compared with the previous year due to the gloomy economic environment. The slowdown in national extensions (ccTLDs) was also sharper than generic extensions (gTLDs): whereas in 2011 ccTLDs saw an increase of 11% – significantly higher than gTLDs (8%), both types of extensions slowed down and posted the same growth rate of 7% for 2012.

Read the AFNIC February report update  here.

.FR domain grew b 14% in 2012