NetNames monthly TLD Round-up

.COM registrations pass 110 million

August saw the number of .com domain names under management pass 110 million.

CO Make It “ridiculously easy” to get a domain and website

Encouraging many small businesses in particular to get online has proven difficult. The folks behind .co, CO Internet, have sought to make it easier with their most recent product called Writing on their blog, Juan Diego Calle, CEO of CO Internet, describes it as "a ridiculously easy way to launch a business or idea online. In less than a minute, you get a custom web page and an email address powered by Google Apps - all on your very own .CO domain name." is being built into an apps platform where a .co registrant signs up for bundles of services. The basic build being domain + email + website. Afterwards, with a click of a button, registrants can sign up for additional proprietary or third-party apps as their web operations evolve.

.COM.AR (Argentina) - Change to NIC.AR domain and registrant management procedures 

The Argentinean ccTLD manager,, implemented new security and privacy enhancements in August for .ar domain names.

For Registrant accreditation, NIC.AR is now requiring that each foreign registrant (send them original Apostilled copies of certain local and foreign company and individual documents:

For more information on the impact that these changes on any pending registrations and existing portfolios , please contact NetNames.

Nominet launches policy review for .UK

Following concerns raised over their open policy on domain registrations, Nominet are planning to review their approach to registrations, and to establish where policy could or should evolve.

In September, Nominet will launch an independently-chaired policy review and call for contributions from stakeholders. Until then Nominet is looking closely at what further practical steps they can take to play their part in keeping the .uk safe. For example, they have worked with the Internet Watch Foundation to check the key words they associate with illegal content against the domain names under their management.

.ORG registrations increase 13.6% in first six months of 2013

New .ORG registrations increased by 13.6 percent in the first half of 2013, the latest “The Dashboard” from the .org registry reports. The report notes that .org reached 10.3 million domain names under management, a net gain of 206,170 for the first half of 2013 and an increase of 86.8 percent since 2007.

The increase in registrations was pushed by strong growth in key international markets, specifically in India, who jumped into the top ten market for .org registrations for the first time. But over half (58%) of all domain names are registered in the United States (5.961m) while Germany is second with five percent (503,160) of registrations. The TLD is the fourth largest globally.

.NET hits 15 million registrations

In Mid-August, Verisign announced .net hit 15 million domain names under management to become the fourth TLD to do so behind .com, .tk and .de. To commemorate, Verisign put out a list of 15 facts including the first domain name to ever exist was, the average character length of a .net domain was 12 characters in 2012, approximately half of .net domains are registered in the United States and that as of March 2013, 6,503 .net domains pointed to Facebook.

.AFRICA.COM  General Availability now open

As registrations are now open to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis. ?

and are unrestricted.

UAE encourages businesses to register .AE domains

The United Arab Emirates’ Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is working to encourage local businesses to register .ae domain names. In September 2012, .ae registrations passed 100,000.

“It is important that local businesses understand the benefits of registering with the .ae domain name. The dotcom space is currently saturated and by using .ae businesses will be afforded with a larger choice of potential names for their website. It also allows customer to be immediately aware of the location,” said Mohammad Al Zarooni, Acting Executive Director Policies and Program in the TRA.

.NU domain - .SE completes successful transition of the .nu domain zone

As of 2 September .SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation – the organization responsible for the .SE domain in Sweden) has assumed responsibility for administration and technical operation of the .nu domain. The transition, has been underway for several months, and completed transition withour .nu domain holders being affected. The requirements for registering, renewing, transferring and modifying a .NU domain are similar to .SE domains.

NIC.AR celebrates 15th birthday; new terms and conditions coming in October

August saw the Austrian registry,, celebrate its 15th birthday and to commemorate their achievements, their latest .at report looked at the people behind, explained the organization’s legal structure and the activities it undertakes to serve the Austrian internet community. The registry also announced new terms and conditions for .at domain names that come into effect on 1 October. The registry says the benefits for registrants will be more flexibility, less bureaucracy, more clarity and more transparent formulation.

.GA and .ML domain names now available for free

Gabon has liberalized its registration policies and in early September the My GA Registry commenced offering the free domain names to anyone. In July, the DOT ML registry also commenced giving away .ml domain names for free.

This now makes three ccTLDs that give away their domain names for free, the first being .TK (Tokelau) which is now the world’s largest ccTLD with over 15 million domain names under management.

Nigeria encourages use of .NG domain

In a move to drive awareness and registrations of .ng domains, Nigeria’s National Council on Communication Technology has recommended that all state governments and their agencies switch to .ng domains and adopt the platform.

.SS for South Sudan coming soon

South Sudan will become recognized online soon with the launch of the .ss ccTLD. When launched, national and local government departments will commence using .ss for websites and email. It is also intended that registration prices will be kept low to encourage local businesses and people to use the ccTLD.