NetNames Reveals Spike in the Volume of PS4 and Xbox One Scams

With the launch of two of the biggest gadgets of 2013, NetNames released new research revealing that the volume of listings for cut-price PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles promised in online scams has reached nearly 100,000 across marketplace sites.

With online shopping having reached record highs in the run-up to Christmas 2013, NetNames identified an explosion in deals on the latest consoles across online marketplaces or independent rogue sites. The listings pledge shipping as soon as payment is received through PayPal, Western Union or bank transfer, with some sites guaranteeing wholesale quantities of 50, 100, or even 5,000 brand new consoles, before the products have even been officially launched in many countries around the world.

Marketplace PS4 Xbox One
Alibaba 71,120 17,200
Taobao 3,280 2,117
ECPlaza 750 420
Total 75,150 19,737





Figure 1: Total consoles available on well-known marketplace sites

Whilst many retailers will slash their prices to attract bargain hunters in the January sales period, consumers must remain wary of “too good to be true offers” in online sales. To avoid falling victim to scams, consumers need to always remember that if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Brand owners also need to take responsibility for protecting customers. Companies should actively monitor and act against those infringing on intellectual property online. Online auction sites are the simplest way to showcase counterfeit goods in front of potential customers and by working with specialist brand protection companies, organizations can engage directly with the site owners to identify suspicious listings and have them taken down.

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