February TLD update

As the first set of new gTLDs open up to general availability, we look at this month’s developments for other TLDs.

Verisign .COM/.NET Domains Grow Strongly

Verisign added 1.29 million new names during the fourth quarter of 2013, ending with 127.2 million active domain names for .com and .net, a five percent increase over the fourth quarter in 2012.

German Court Finds Registrar Liable For Copyright Infringement

A court in Germany has ruled that a domain name registrar can be held liable for copyright infringements if it is obvious the domain is used for infringements and the registrar does nothing to prevent it.

.EU Reduces Dispute Resolution Fees

The fee for a basic .eu Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure will be cut by a further 50 percent, according to the .eu registry, EURid.

.EU Is TLD With Highest Proportion Of Business Websites

A report has found that .eu has a higher proportion of business websites than other gTLDs. 37.8% of .eu domains are used for business purposes, compared with an average of 30.5% for gTLDs such as .com, .biz and .net.

HKIRC Launches .hk LOCK

The launch of .hk LOCK, a new security measure for .hk domain name owners, allows owners to lock their domain name server (DNS) records and prevent any unauthorised changes.

Shorter .UK Domains Coming In June

Registrations for .uk domains at the second level, such as name.uk, will become available on 10 June 2014.

Nominet Sued Over Alleged Intellectual Property Infringements

Nominet is being sued by Cartier International AG over 12 websites which contain content Cartier believes infringe its intellectual property (IP) rights. If successful, the injunction could force domain registries to automatically suspend web addresses when a private company believes that the associated websites infringe its IP.