New Collaboration Announced

A new collaboration between the British registry Nominet and five agencies, including the new City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU), will be instrumental in tackling cyber crime in the UK namespace -

Nominet's revised policy governing .uk domains, which will expressly prohibit such domains from being used to carry out criminal activity, will come into formal effect on May 4th and will allow Nominet to suspend domain names once alerted to their use in criminal activity by one of the five participating agencies.

Nominet will not, themselves, be responsible for policing the .uk namespace or for making a judgement as to whether the content of a domain is indeed criminal. They will, on receipt of a notification against a domain, perform a check to ensure the domain is currently in use and that, subsequent to the notification, the domain name had not been transferred or cancelled.

Providing no such administrative issues exist, Nominet will pass on the notification to and work with the relevant registrars to ensure the domain is suspended.

PIPCU, which has been running since September 2013, has already made several arrests pertaining to the sale of counterfeit and pirated goods, including one which involved the seizure of £40,000 worth of suspected counterfeit DVD box sets. The unit has also launched the Infringing Website List (IWL), an online portal which lists sites featuring infringing content. The portal is not available to the public but allows digital advertisers to identify sites from which they should withdraw advertisements.

NetNames has been working in collaboration with PIPCU on behalf of its clients to identify .uk domain name targets to be supplied to Nominet for suspension.  Such involvement in intellectual property protection initiatives from law enforcement agencies is always welcome and we look forward to hearing of any success with these identified targets in the months to come.

Author: Angharad Baber, Enforcement Operations Manager, NetNames