Mobile App Piracy - A Golden Opportunity for Fraudsters

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our lifestyles with many customers relying on them for a variety of uses, but how safe are they?

Mobile apps represent the most precarious area of online security, but as businesses compete with each other to sell more products and expand their client base, developing mobile apps has become a priority for many.

There is a multitude of ways in which scammers can exploit the lack of mobile security:

  • Mobile apps provide a more casual computing environment – and because smartphones and tablets are often used outside the office or home, there's more laxness about taking normal online security precautions;
  • Scammers know that the average mobile consumer is less likely to look into an app's safety measures before downloading and using it. To fraudsters, this creates a golden opportunity to either siphon personal information or push the customer to a fraudulent website, where they might even accept payments;
  • Many companies have spent decades building their brand image. When trademark or copyright infringement scammers trick downloaders into using illegitimate apps, they can go on to access the potential customer's mobile device. So not only has the company lost its brand integrity, but the consumer continues to be plagued by online scams and other side effects of trademark infringement.

How can businesses combat mobile fraudsters?

Companies need to be proactive with their online security - in the form of cultivating awareness and staying vigilant to the countless app-based scams out there that could be undermining their brand. Ultimately mobile apps should expand companies' business and reputations, not be the Achilles heel that brings down them down.

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