ICANN Update: July 2014

This month, we look at the latest issues in the Internet governance world, including fake certificates, confusion among new gTLD registrants and the success of two of the new geographical TLDs - .berlin and .london.

Fake Certificates: Domain Suspensions and Confusion Reigns

NetNames has been notified by ICANN of a current scam attempting to sell protection certificates to new gTLD registrants. Just like the Domain Registry of America (DROA) renewal notification scam, these notices should be ignored. If you receive one of these notices please contact us and make sure you do not action any links or respond to any requests.

The Registrar Stakeholder Group at the ICANN meeting in London last month alerted the community to the confusion many domain registrants are experiencing at the moment. As a result of the requirements placed on all accredited registrars to validate the contact details of registrants many domains were being suspended as part of the mandatory obligations placed on registrars. NetNames advises all customers to contact us if you receive an unfamiliar notification or request.

Geographical TLDs Set to Dominate

.Berlin (as spotted on a bus below) still holds the number 2 spot in the new gTLD rankings and with the .london priority phase in full swing and sunrise numbers estimated at close to 50,000, now is the time to ensure you have these two geographical TLDs as part of your registration strategy. .London has gone all out with prime time TV adverts, tube and bus posters and much more.

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