July TLD Round-up

Here is our latest overview of news from the domain name universe.

Australians Prefer .AU

New research has revealed that Australian internet users and domain name registrants prefer .au domain names, with users expressing more than double the level of trust of .au over any other namespace.

.CYMRU and .WALES Releases Rules and Processes

Nominet has now published the rules and processes under which both gTLDs will operate when launched. More information is available from ourhomeonline.org.uk.

Europe Leads With IPv6 Adoption: Akamai

European countries continued to lead in IPv6 adoption, with eight of the top countries. Belgium grew nearly 200 percent quarter-over-quarter, jumping to first place with 14 percent of its traffic over IPv6. The United States and Peru were the only two countries from the Americas within the top 10, while Japan fell out of the top 10, leaving the Asia Pacific region unrepresented within the group.

.LONDON Set To Enter General Availability With 50,000 Registrations

It's now less than two months until .london commences its General Availability and all indications are there will be more than 50,000 applications by the time Phase One. General Availability commences on 9 September and there will be no restrictions on .london domains unlike most other regional and city gTLDs.

.MOSCOW and .МОСКВА Sunrise Shows Latin Characters Most Popular

The Sunrise period for the .moscow and .москва gTLDs has ended resulting in in 154 domain name registrations in .moscow and seven registrations in .москва.

.SCOT Pioneer Programme Goes Live; General Availability On 23 September

The Scottish government, Yes Scotland and Better Together were among over 50 Scottish organisations to go live with their .scot domains as part of a Pioneer Programme to showcase the new gTLD.

New gTLD July Sunrise Launches
.INSURE 01-Jul
.LOANS 08-Jul
.LIFE 08-Jul
.GUIDE 08-Jul
.CHURCH 08-Jul
.DIRECT 15-Jul
.PLACE 15-Jul
.DEALS 22-Jul
.CITY 29-Jul
New gTLD July General Availability Launches
.REPORT 02-Jul
.VISION 02-Jul
.FISH 02-Jul
.ROCKS 02-Jul
.GRIPE 09-Jul
.PUB 09-Jul
.REST 14-Jul
.BAR 14-Jul
.WIEN 15-Jul
.LEASE 16-Jul
.MEDIA 16-Jul
.MODA 16-Jul
.VOTING 22-Jul
.KAUFEN 23-Jul
.REISEN 23-Jul
.TOYS 23-Jul
.TOWN 23-Jul
.TOKYO 23-Jul
.WTF 30-Jul
.FAIL 30-Jul