ICANN Update: September 2014

This month, we look at the latest issues in the Internet governance world, including the launch of a dotbrand gTLD and the success of .London.

Chinese Investment Company Switches To .Brand

The CITIC Group has launched its dotbrand .citic with a bang, retiring citic.com completely and redirecting all users and traffic to the new home limited.citic. The bold move does not appear to have had an impact on search whatsoever with the newly created URL ranking 3rd immediately. Could this be the start of the dotbrand era? NetNames will be watching closely.

.London Powers Ahead

It’s come as no surprise that the popularity of .london continues to gather pace after very healthy Sunrise opening numbers. Registration numbers in other TLDs have been skewed with free giveaways and other practices so it is refreshing to see a TLD do so well in the opening weeks. With contention auction still to be settled, NetNames expects .london to appear in the top 5 very soon. Check out our new London address and new domain to match netnames.london.

ICANN Last Resort Contention Auctions Net Over $14m

Most gTLD application contentions have been settled privately between applicants but when the parties are unable to resolve the contention, they are forced into an ICANN auction of last resort. In the latest round, Amazon paid $4.6m for .buy, Dot Tech paid a staggering $6.76m for .tech and AIM listed Minds and Machines won the rights to manage .vip for a little over $3m.